Liver Cancer Treatment

Liver Cancer Treatment

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What is liver cancer?


liver cancer
is the growth of abnormal (cancerous) liver cells (most frequently hepatocytes) in the liver. Other liver cell types infrequently can become cancerous but the most common liver cancer is hepatocellular cancer. Other cancer cells can invade the liver (for example, colon, breast, or lung cancer cells) but these are considered metastatic (secondary) cancers, not primary liver cancers. Symptoms of liver cancer include upper abdominal pain, unplanned weight loss, appetite loss, weakness, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or white area of eyes), and light or white chalk-like stools. Diagnosis is usually made by a liver biopsy but there are other presumptive diagnostic methods available.

Liver cancer treatments

Primary liver cancer treatments, also called hepatocellular carcinoma, or
hepatoma, depend on the stage of the cancer, age, overall health, and the